Frequently asked questions

May vegans and vegetarians eat canned vegetables?

Yes, they may.

What does the information “Contains no added sugar” mean on the label of the canned corn?

Our super sweet corn is canned without any sugar, so it only contains “naturally occurring sugars”.

Do canned vegetables contain preservatives?

Our canned products do not contain any preservative, as their conservation is made by applying heat treatment.

How can I contact you?

You can contact the Secretariat at the phone number +36-76/546-060 and the Labour Department at the no. +36-76/546-080 for more information. Our central e-mail address is:

What is your exact address?

The address of Kecskeméti Konzerv Kft. is: 6000 Kecskemét, Szolnoki út 35.

May gluten sensitive persons eat canned corn and peas?

Our products do not contain any gluten, so gluten sensitive persons may also eat them.

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